About Us

Vertidigm encompasses the new paradigm shift taking place in financial outsourcing.Our purpose is to act as liaison between the hundreds of thousands of businesses who don’t want to bring in full-time experts and the millions of financial professionals who are happy to remove themselves from the 9-5 culture of yesterday.

The working world is far different than it used to be. Nearly 53 million Americans work on their own, entirely disconnected from the employer-employee relationship. More than ever, workers are leaving the office and tackling their work remotely.

Despite this overwhelming change, however, we found that there was no one connecting the independent financial professionals of the world with the swarms of businesses prepared to hire them. The businesses of the world need professionals to support them, even as those professionals start working from outside the office. How would they connect? How would they work together?

Enter Vertidigm.

Founded by financial professionals, Vertidigm is a secure, virtual platform that providestools and resources that enable businesses and professionals to discuss, manage, and complete projects.